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§ "In those days the subway used to come out of the tunnel where the line was a hundred feet or more above the street, and suicides liked to jump from the train there. You know the skyline, every big city has it, that industrial darkness, running track, whistle stops, watching leggy dames climb the open stairs.

"I went back recently, and it's all gone -- the tunnel, the elevated rail, the depression in the pavement where one jumper left his mark, all gone, except the vibe. I sat down in the little plaza they got there now, watched the pigeons. Could still hear it, those ghost voices, and smell it, man, surrounded in a smokey elixir, our modern world. The howl in the tunnel, the flashing lights, the shuddering, the rank smell of burning grease, the crowded cacophony, the promise of escape, it was once there.

"I saw a jumper once. A chick. She smashed a window and just went through, like she was sucked out of a jet. Her fur matted in red, the public gave her the audience she so desperately desired."

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Pic by Diana Russell 1975

John Celona

SUBWAY mp3 [2:40]

composition, mix: John Celona

female voice: Alma Roccio
piano rockets: Alcides Lanza

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Subway © John Celona 2008

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AMNESIA mp3 [3:50]

§ Where does memory come from, and where, ultimately, does it all go?

"I was the leader of a small cult. It started out as a reading society and it just went from there."

Prophecy, money as fiction... the funky groove is guaranteed to make you forget about the stock market meltdown.

Amnesia written & recorded by Lawrence Russell

Amnesia © Lawrence Russell 2008

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Lawrence Russell

thanks, Ed

AMNESIA mp3 [3:20]

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