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Saul Wolfe: The Space Virgins of the Third Reich [Gamaliel Publications 2014] [Amazon eBook]

'Virginal student Ruth loves vintage clothes and old movies - and lusts after her authoritarian Film Studies lecturer Mr Steel. She’s desperate to impress him by researching the obscure nineteen-fifties sci-fi B-movie ‘Space Virgins of the Third Reich’. Instead our heroine stumbles upon a sinister conspiracy rooted in the occult sciences of the Nazis, launching her on a voyage of wild sexual adventure....' So says the blurb, but --

Space Virgins of the Third Reich

Who is Saul Wolfe? A Jewish hipster relation of Adolf Hitler? Hitler's women called him Wolf or Wolfie, so you never know, as this satiric soft porn story goes deep into the lore of a cult Nazi movie whose origin reaches into the Peenemunde V weapon testing range during WW II. While there's a movie-within-a-movie and a story-within-a-story, the main action takes place in present day southern England, so there's quite a bit of social satire -- bookshop culture, university film studies, upper class sex parties, punk neo-Nazi occult units etcetera -- and whoever this fellow Wolfe is, he seems to know what he's talking about.

This is a very funny novel, with some, um, hard sex in just about all varieties and positions: masturbation, lesbian initiation, bribe sex, black magic sex, movie sex... etc etc... like the fabled 'Mexican Bible' all the options are covered, while driving the quest for the lost movie forward... so to speak.

Chic porn for transit readers... with just enough social realism to assuage your conscience as your Kindle melts.

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