Obo: OL

the eye of the unseen watcher

Far as I can see, this movie is going nowhere... or at least for me. Every day we shoot the same damn scene, stand on the sea wall in the same positions looking for god knows what on the horizon. Only thing that's different is Naomi. First day she looks like a chick from a harem... now she looks like a hooker. Each day she's wearing less and less, becoming more risque, showing lots more flesh. Take 1, Take 2... Take 22. We've all heard about directors who shoot multiple takes but this is ridiculous. Meanwhile the Poet stands in the tower facing the sea, never once looking at the scene he's shooting.

Tell you, if it wasn't for the fact that Naomi is getting more sexy with every subtle change in her costume, I'd be outta my freakin' mind. Well maybe I am. Few months ago, ask me if I'd do a gig as a "statue" in some madman's movie I would've said no way.

She knows she's getting to me. She knows it. It's very irritating, a confusion of revulsion and desire. The instructions are from the Poet himself, sent from the tower via his assistant to the crew on the seawall. More locals watching from the roofs every day... who knows, maybe they're looking at the horizon too, despite Naomi, the siren from the runways of high western fashion.

She's an instrument for something... but what? Ask Kate and she says, women like to exhibit themselves. When I ask her about Paul, she says, well men too. I say, most people are shy. She says, not in front of a mirror.

Black guy with the jeep is still hanging around too. Crew calls him "Bolero" cause he's always driving around with Ravel blasting from his boomers. Someone says he's Polisari, in with the rebels. Maybe so, but dude looks like a Miami rapper to me.

I've had a lot of experience in front of large crowds. Now I'm getting experience in front of nothing... if nothing is what the eye cannot see. Yet I suspect we're playing to something, as I have the same feeling I get in a stadium. I'm so imprinted with the eye of the unseen watcher I know when he or she or something is out there in the darkness beyond the lights.

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