Lawrence Russell

Track 10

0000. You are just a recording, the voice says. You, and everything you see and feel... just a recording. It was the best technology for the time. It could record 5 senses with a hint of the 6th. Good, but nonetheless imperfect, as there are 9 senses. The encryption involves certain rays emitted by a solar body, and while you may admire your sun, its emissions and photosynthetic articulation is old technology. I am speaking to you from the 9th System. A different sun, a different reality.

Don't seek me through a telescope. It would be futile, as your reality is closed.

This unexpected communication will be unsettling for you, but there is a very good reason for it. Due to a recent breakthrough in our recording technology, we can now elevate chosen subjects from the 5th. You have the requisites: you are handsome and we are willing to overlook your tragic self-abuse. Your mind is first-rate, uninhibited by orthodox mysticism and phantom texts and your grievance with the university is a sign of strength, not failure.

At 0300 or 3 am go to the Old Mill Road where it passes the abandoned airfield. Stand at the North end of the runway & wait.

Goodbye. I will greet you on your arrival.

0200. The recent transmission you received should be ignored. It was sent by a rogue Prime in the 9th who is unaware of the complete architecture, and that he is also a recording, albeit from a later generation than yours. His instructions for a sensory enhancement should be ignored. Do not go to the rendezvous point, do not attempt to make contact. Because the protocol for strict sensory reality and time-space fixing has been violated, we have decided to bring you to the 10th. You should say nothing to anyone about this. You will give no interviews, make no notes, make no recordings, exchange nothing in confidence. The media and the public view such incidences in a sensational light. For those who suspect the truth, jealous attempts will be made to stop your extraction. Mockery and humiliation is certain from some quarters, and assassination a probability.

For this extraction, it is not necessary to seek lights in the sky or undergo hypnosis. Go about your activities as usual. Eat, work and sleep as usual. Your disappearance will go unnoticed as we will leave the recording posted as is, so that reality in the 5th will continue, even though you will have been removed to the highest directory. Dress as you would for the tropics, as there are no seasons in the 10th. In fact, we recommend that you sleep naked. The action will occur soon.

0414. There has been a delay. The courier carrying your current reality has disappeared somewhere between the 5th and the 10th. A search of the gravity fields is now underway. Until the flash card is recovered, unfortunately you will be unable to awake, so enjoy your slumber. It could be a long one.

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