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atonality and the evolution of electronic music

Lawrence Russell

smashed piano

Spring Primitivo

I say Ga Ga
Talking To The Snake
Key 13
Interruption On A Warm Evening
Spring Primitivo
The Forest
Low Overcast

§ 'I Say Ga Ga' has nothing to do with Lady G. Recorded circa 2009 as an exercise in 'words as sound', ie. what are the first words to come out of a baby's mouth?

'Snake' uses a loop, of course. The submerged piano gets a mystical feel, I think. The image palette evokes an ancestral memory of the early aboriginal settlers who left their art on the walls of caves and engaged the spirits through trance and animal divination.

'Key 13': is there any way out of the 12 tone trap? Why yes -- Key 13! There's a flattening of sound here, with a nod to pre-synth electronic music, where you step outside melody, engage the molecules.

'Interruption' is a bit corny. Everyone used short-wave noise in the old days and here I montage it into some electro bossa nova keys. The idea was / is that some RF noise interrupts someone playing the piano.

'Spring Primitivo' -- this is basically the piano playing the player. It's spring! Don't bring me your tired melodies, chords, technical cliches and bourgeois diplomas. Forget everything, go random. Emotion is the only score.

'Low Overcast' -- a thunder storm, of course.

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Send In The Drones

§ These 'Formation' tracks were recorded in 2013-15. By and large the contours are minimalist, exploit atonality, avoid melody lock-downs, try to ghost something new without leaving the past altogether.

"All is noise, no matter what you call it," said Stockhausen. "We should try to live with it."