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Brother Paul + LR Torquay 1975

Newscast by Nostradamus? Short the Euro, people... enter the bunker. Brother Paul Green delivers the prophecy from the ionosphere, soundscape by LR:

Nostradamus [3:50] Brother Paul

*Nostradamus text appears in the free eBook The Alchemical Revolution. Download the pdf files here: The Alchemical Revolution »»»


Captain Rorschach [5:00]
Ghosting the Machine [4:05]
Dump Cracking [3:29]
Brother 13 [7:30]
Audience [4:50]
Brain Gun

Check out Brother Paul's collection The Gestaltbunker [Selected Poems 1965-2010] >>

LR- Flat Eyes

NEW ƒrom LR (2017): FLAT EYES

"...the piece, moving in and out of the narrator’s memories as he relives his experience of creating the alien artefacts which appear to be developing a life of their own. Steady pulse of unease in the soundscape, punctuated by ominous stabs and sonic outbursts, a narrative voice like the radiation-drenched granite of an asteroid" [Brother Paul]

John Celona at City Lights, SF by Alexis Celona


This RF was recently received by the ATA (Allen Telescope Array) on the 5 mhz band. Scientists at SETI are baffled. "It must be intelligent life as the encryption reveals certain signatures, patterns... even scales, if we think of music," said a spokesperson. "Yes, it might be a hoax, even a rogue signal bounce, but to my ears it sounds like Bop."


Other Celona-Russell collaborations:

BUKOWSKI [(2007) [6:28]
GO SUBLIMINAL (2008) [3:40]

Alexander Hutchisn early DNA tapes

Classic LR Audio stories/soundscapes:

LR circa 1981

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LONG SHORE DRIFT [4:35] LR [2014]

ECLIPSE [10:00]

The Illness Before The Exhibition LR
Attack of the Sub-Human LR

ROTATION: Part 1 | Part 2


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LIGHT SOLO CRUDE [LR vocal/guitar]

LR instrumental ƒrom Spring Primitivo (2012):

Talking To The Snake | Blue Mountain Walk | Key 13 | Interruption On A Warm Evening | Spring Primitivo | Low Overcast

Celona: back jacket

*crop of rear album jacket

NEW vinyl pressing from composer John Celona: classic west coast electronic music from the mystic halls of Buchla, 2017.

Composer: John Celona | Audio Engineer: Kirk McNally | Artwork: Alexis Celona

Celona: Music for Tiled Surfaces

*graphic by Alexis Celona

Check out this moody track »»

VaRiaZione X Mod [2:09]

*To get this album, contact john celona

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