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AFRIT is a powerful demon in Arabian myths. NEBULA is an interstellar cloud of dust. Brother Paul explores the possibilities of ‘post-modern jazz’ demonstrated by this adventurous UK trio.

So, dig World Music? A little bit of Xenakis, Coltrane and maybe some Steve Reich? Go East, go West, go interstellar? Read all about it here »»»

Afrit Inalieable album cover

His father was a Covent Garden barber and his mother died insane, but he did o.k.:

the Sky Cult of J.M.W Turner, R.A. »»


miles davis
chet baker
glenn gould
adolf hitler

Art of the Hipster

Pete Brown: White Rooms & Imaginary Westerns

on the road with Ginsberg, writing for Clapton and Cream
an anarchic odessey

This tale of Pete Brown, UK post-beat poet and premier psychedlic lyricist, is just great.

Brother Paul Green reports »»

"Gradually Brown morphed into a songwriter/singer. He wrote more material from Cream, notably ‘I Feel Free,’ ‘Sunshine of Your Love,’ and ‘White Room’, the last referring to the new flat where he’d holed up, brooding on whether to prioritise poetry or music. When he ran through a lyric for Graham Bond, who also wanted to collaborate with him, the Great Beast of the Hammond organ told him he’d just become a vocalist. It was a fraught transition...."

Keith Richards' memoir LIFE

Weird LA cops, doctors, artists, killers and hot women:
My Father's Doppelganger Was A Serial Killer


Andy Summers (The Police) memoir One Train Later
Dangerous Davies series The Last Detective

Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra: Up Close: the Fritz Files [binaural recording]

SSRI Listening Lounge


24: Parallel Stories Must Converge [Kiefer Sutherland] [TV drama]
Asylum [Iain Sinclair] [TV drama]
Cracker [McGovern] [TV drama]
The Prisoner [McGoohan] [TV drama]
The Stone Tape [Kneale] [TV drama]

Flamenco Revisited
Cranial Firestorms: Atomic Rooster Retrospective
Hwy 101: Ottmar Liebert Live At The Secret House
Lamya [Lamya interview]
Sampling the Dead [electro-dance]
Essential Dub [King Tubby]
Bootleg Music [various]
The New Flamenco [roots guitar]


Ottmar Liebert The Scent Of Light
JJ Cale/Eric Clapton The Road to Escondido
Ted Nugent Full Bluntal Nugity Live
Zucchero Fly
Stephen Duros Thira [07 Grammy nominee]
Joe Abernethy College Grove
One Guitar Ottmar Liebert [07 Grammy finalist]
Lava [Ottmar Liebert & Eric Schermerhorn]
In the Arms of Love [Ottmar Liebert] |
Transit II Jon Gagan [07 Grammy nominee]
Transit [John Gagan]
Plank Spankin' Paul Wainwright & Sax Safari
Geisterfaust [Bohren]
Bohren & the Club of Gore
Mambo Sinuendo [Cooder/Galban]
Lovers Live [Sade]
Vozero [Phil Manzanera]
In The Flesh [Roger Waters]
Two Against Nature [Steely Dan]
The Best of Sade [Sade]

Muso DVD

Mika Kaurismaki: Moro No Brasil DVD docu [Seu Jorge, Ivo Meirelles, Margareth Menezes, Silverio Pessoa]
Stewart Copeland: Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out
Echoes Of Forgotten Places Robert Fantinatto/Robin Guthrie
Space Is The Place [Sun Ra]
Being Mick [Mick Jagger]
Gimme Shelter [Stones]
Merchants of Cool [Bad Company]
2VN [Steely Dan]
Sheryl Crow: Rockin' The Globe Live



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