radio/TV drama:

24 (Surnow/Cochrane) Lawrence Russell

Cracker Lawrence Russell.
Asylum Paul A. Green
The Stone Tape Paul A. Green
The Prisoner Rick Ojo McGrath
Crook Radio [radio drama in theory & practice] Paul A. Green
The Young & The Restless [on trial] Lawrence Russell


Cocksucker Blues [Stones] Rick Ojo McGrath
Gimme Shelter [Stones] Rick Ojo McGrath
Being Mick [Mick Jagger] Lawrence Russell
2VN [Steely Dan] Rick Ojo McGrath
Bad Company: Merchants of Cool [live in L.A.] Lawrence Russell
Rockin The Globe [Cheryl Crowe] Rick Ojo McGrath


The New Flamenco [roots guitar] Lawrence Russell
Duende: A Journey Into The Heart Of Flamenco [book review] Lawrence Russell
Sampling The Dead [electro-dance] Lawrence Russell
King Tubby [origin of dub] Paul A. Green
Bootleg Music [all you need to know] Rick Ojo McGrath
Bohren + The Club of Gore [doom-jazz] Rick Ojo McGrath
Atomic Rooster [memories of Vincent Crane] Paul A. Green
My Fifteen Minutes With Lamya [interview] Rick Ojo McGrath
Learning From Falling [CD] Rick Ojo McGrath
Sade: Lover's Rock Live[CD] Rick Ojo McGrath
The Best of Sade [CD] Rick Ojo McGrath

Mambo Sinuendo [Cooder/Galban CD] Lawrence Russell
In The Arms Of Love [Ottmar Liebert CD] Lawrence Russell
Lava [Ottmar Liebert] Lawrence Russell
Hwy 101: Ottmar Liebert Live at The Secret House [feature] Lawrence Russell
Nouveaumatic [Liebert CD] Lawrence Russell

2VN [Steely Dan CD] Rick Ojo McGrath
Vozero [Manzanera CD] Rick Ojo McGrath
UP! [Twain CD] Rick Ojo McGrath
In The Flesh [Roger Waters CD]

Ojo's Rock Journal [Toronto: various live acts]

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