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Lawrence Russell: RADIO BRAZIL

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"Great read. I couldn't put it down... a lot of readers in Germany will be interested in this novel... you really caught the feel of Brazil." Ottmar Liebert, Luna Negra

'This is a journey that maps the distance from dread to terror to war; an expedition from imagined terrors to mass murder.... Thorsen himself is the brightest star in this fresh, sparkling dreamscape. He's a century 21 hep-cat, a literary descendent of Jack Kerouac, writing in clipped sentences and fragments that aren't out of place in today's Twitterverse. Thorsen's voice never lags and young readers will quickly synch to the pace of this story as it winds its way to an existential finale reminiscent of Albert Camus.' [reader at Amazon USA]

'The masterly exposition of the complex storyline is full of as many twists and dark surprises as the river itself. For Thorsen’s first-person narration is terse, fast-moving, a film noir monologue always on the alert for a pretty face or the glint of a knife at the dark end of the street. Yet his laconic asides have an epigrammatic quality and also hint at his ethical qualms about the increasingly surreal savageries that he witnesses. He has an acute visual sense, whether scanning a villa full of Brazilian grandees or the squalor of the favelas. He evokes not only the visceral horrors of combat but the seductive fascination of military hardware - revolvers, rifles, biplanes, flying boats, the Zeppelin that flies him over the canopies of the rain forest. And above all, there are the characters, all sharply delineated, like ‘Senhor Prolific’ the seedy agent distributing his subversive pornographic cartoons or Brother Voss, the monk with an alter ego as an SS Obersturmführer.' [Bookserf at Amazon UK]

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LR: Narrator

NARRATOR: 6 of LR's finest soundscape stories now available for download from iTunes [via Tunecore player]. CDs and downloads available from Amazon USA and Amazon UK »»»

Fast Fiction: read it off the screen or print it out... or have someone else read it and tell you about it later. Straight to the point but without revealing the full-deck, this cryptic collection of stories by Lawrence Russell is metaphysical and existential, symbolist and realist, more international than regional.

An oral cadence drives the action, loads the imagery. A tango dancer is a member of a death squad... a ventriloquist thinks he's a poet... a student finds a mysterious hole in the wall of his room... a financier encounters a snake in a tropical graveyard... a boy is abandoned beside an endless wall... an Austrian horse breeder and his young wife ride through Mexico in search of the ideal horse.... Etc.

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Fast Fiction (thanks Elisabeth)

Repeat This & You're Dead

This collection of short stories by LR available from Amazon »»


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