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BRAIN GUN: Paul Green: vocals, words, sax || Lawrence Russell: bass, guitar, synth || LR: recording & production

1. Audience [4:50]
2. Half-Light [4:05]
3. Oxidized Desert [5:10]
4. The Conclusion [3:51]
5. Brain Gun [4:13]

Brain Gun © Paul Green 2004

Brain Gun

Sun Ra insisted that space was the place, and the deepest space is acoustic space, the intra-skull resonance of audio, voices in the head. Or, in the case of The Mouthpiece, the voice that won't stop, won't let the interviewer off the hook, is compelled to draw the listener into the inner space of memory and the riff of its obsessions.

The Mouthpiece, written & performed by Paul A. Green, 2002. Rec Dave Woods, Graham Wilde at RNC Studios, Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford, UK. Studio Assis: S. Patey, R. Watkins, B. Yazar, A. Young. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

The Mouthpiece

A London musician, marginalized and embittered by the popularity of guitar rock, finds a magic mouthpiece for his sax in a strange side-street music shop, gets involved with a mysterious woman from the art underground. Groove to the occult in this amazing gestalt of the U.K. music scene in the swinging sixties. Abstract sax score by PG.

*one 8 min mp3 sample file available for download:

The Mouthpiece [8:12]

*first webcast on Resonance 104.4 fm, London, U.K.

*.wav CD available: e-mail PG

The Mouthpiece©Paul Green 2002

My childhood was formed by the space travel mythos -- Journey Into Space and The Lost Planet on the radio, Dan Dare and his jolly good chaps riding the spaceways for Britain in the Eagle comic.

The Paul Green Poetry Revue

The Paul Green Poetry Revue (1971), written & performed by Paul Green.

1. The Gestaltbunker [6.41]
2. The House
3. The Elegy
4. The Block
5. Directions To The Dead End [6.30]

The Paul Green Poetry Revue (1971), rec. by George Porkalab at CYVR Studios, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Originally distributed by DNA. Avant poetry/monologue, with electronic soundscape.

The Paul Green Poetry Revue©Paul A. Green 1971/2003

Space is dangerous by definition. In the Soviet launchpad explosions during the 50's and 60's scores, maybe hundreds, were killed.

Sunpower (1975)

Sunpower (1975), written & recorded by Paul Green in the field at Torquay, England [with the voices of Nick Ottex and John Rice]. Originally distributed by DNA. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

SunPower [6:05]

Sunpower©Paul A. Green 1975/2003


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