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The idea was to stay away from the old mechanical narrative of radio drama with its stagey music and hackneyed audio of creaking floors, steam whistles and galloping coconut hooves... rather, create hypnotic soundscapes which function as foreground rather than simple background punctuation... as is typical in conventional radio drama. The landscape would be a soundscape, a trigger for the imagination just like great music at its hypnogogic best.

LR techno jazz & electronica from the Artists series [Remedios Varo, Theolonious Monk, Curzio Malaparte, et. al.] :

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Avenue: Lawrence Russell

Avenue: room with a view of the standing stones written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2006. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

A man or a boy is left in a room by a mysterious woman who says she will return. Does she? Gothic romanticism, megaliths & a Rileyesque music score.

*1 mp3 file available for download

AVENUE [7:03]

Avenue/ Room With A View of the Standing Stones © Lawrence Russell 2006

Handsome Stranger written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2006. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

Mind-tap of DJ dealer of uncertain origin who preys on female tourists visiting the trance music scene in Goa on the Malabar coast. Hypnotic muso narrative which blends the surf with an Indo electronic evocation.

Handsome Stranger mp3 [7:50]

Handsome Stranger © Lawrence Russell 2006

LR: Handsome Stranger


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Etheria, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2004. LR: voice, soundscape.

Were you born with your first dream installed? Is it a serial to which you will always return? Visit the wire spirits of the moonlit dunes in this soundscape sonata.

ETHERIA mp3 [7:50]

Etheria © Lawrence Russell 2004

Rotation, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell [with special thanks to Diana], 2003. Audio drama, with electronic soundscape.

By an undisclosed method, a man arrives at a "new latitude" in search of a missing child. His exact agenda remains contradictory due to sporadic amnesia and the influence of his guide, the sinister voodoo drummer Mocino. High ambiguity and astral moments in the equatorial jungle.

This auteur recording by LR features a classic non-linear DNA narrative driven by an exciting drum-pattern soundscape. Trance-fusion for the body and the soul.

Rotation: 1 [9:16], 2 [10:10]

Rotation © Lawrence Russell 2003

Rotation by Lawrence Russell

Starfall in the Yucatan

Starfall in the Yucatan, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2002. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

A fisherman tells a stranger about the Mayan gods and the sinister disappearance of the beautiful Consuela... mystery, menace, and transcendental consequence in the Yucatan jungle.

*1 mp3 file available for download

Starfall In The Yucatan [16.31]

Starfall In The Yucatan © Lawrence Russell 2002

M in Ancient Ireland, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2001. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

Man returns to a bog in Northern Ireland on a mysterious, personal mission. Love, politics, mysticism and death.

1. M in Ancient Ireland [9.42] 2. Song: Across the Line [8.04]

M in Ancient Ireland © Lawrence Russell 2001

Murder in Ancient Ireland

Byron quotes Madame de Stael in his Journal as saying "architecture is like frozen music." In the new audio, distinctions between genres evaporate in the montage. The sonic architecture is constructed on the sensual concerns of sonority rather than the logical concerns of language. Who cares what it all means if the hallucinations keep coming?

Cancun Nocturne

Cancun Nocturne, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2001. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

Man sits in a ruined hotel, reflects on a doomed romance and bad investment. Sex, drugs, and Latin mystery in the tropics. Post-modern radio noir. Music by LR.

Cancun Nocturne: [7.28]

Cancun Nocturne © Lawrence Russell 2001

Fragments are always more interesting than complete stories because you can make your own connections, establish the consequences. Audio is like darkness, where reality is always perceived in fragments. As you lie in bed listening to the night, sleep and dream complete the narrative.

Guitar Canyon

Guitar Canyon, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2001. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

Hippy guitarist, driven by a dream of an old romance, rides his motor cycle into the border desert for a supernatural rendezvous with destiny. Music by LR.

*four mp3 files available for download, 160 kb/s (broadband users)

1. Guitar Canyon: GC1 [6.56], GC2 [4.49], GC3 [4.27]
4. Song: Guitar Canyon [5.21]

Guitar Canyon © Lawrence Russell 2001

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