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If you want to hear the full 11:18 minute stretch of Sao Paulo "live", visit the Luna Negra Listening Lounge at SSRI. Gentle bossa into funk into blues -- truly "in the zone".

SSRI Listening Lounge

Aficionados of nuevo flamenco and Ottmar Liebert will find many gems posted from the SSRI vault, including alternate takes, mixes, live tracks, and recent CDs such La Semana... and Jon Gagan's jazzy Transit. Various mp3 sample speeds, AIFF files... and no copy protection [DRM].

*Bonus track. Want to hear some superb nuevo flamenco guitar? Listen to this, earthlings: Silence: No More Longing (for Genpo Roshi) Free mp3 download of a first draft of a new piece for Ottmar Liebert's forthcoming CD Up Close.

Into remixing? Techno? The Lounge offers some first-rate samples/loops from the OL & Luna Negra repertoire.

There are also tracks by other artists, personally chosen by OL. For techno fans, there's the mixmaster audio of Canton Becker -- check out his ionospheric montage Birmingham Forty Three.

Or, in the nuevo f vein, there's Steve Stephen's pacific Sleepwalk... big sky and the southern cross [no relation to the old Santo & Johnny classic!].

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