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Guitar Canyon

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Feb 2003

Guitar Canyon, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2001. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

Hippy guitarist, driven by a dream about an old romance, rides his motor cycle into the border desert for a supernatural rendezvous with destiny. Music by LR.

*mp3 files available for download:

1. Guitar Canyon: GC1 [6.56], GC2 [4.49], GC3 [4.27]
4. Song: Guitar Canyon [5.21]

*first webcast on Resonance 104.4 fm, London, U.K.

Guitar Canyon©Lawrence Russell 2001

The Mouthpiece, written & performed by Paul A. Green, 2002. Rec D. Woods, G. Wilde at RNC Studios, Hereford, UK. Drama, with electronic soundscape.

A London musician, marginalized and embittered by the popularity of guitar rock, finds a magic mouthpiece for his sax in a strange side-street music shop, gets involved with a mysterious woman from the art underground. Groove to the occult in this amazing gestalt of the U.K. music scene in the swinging sixties. Abstract sax score by PG.

*1 mp3 sample available (contact PG for complete version)

The Mouthpiece (8:12)

*first webcast on Resonance 104.4 fm, London, U.K.

The Mouthpiece©Paul Green 2002

The Mouthpiece

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Mystic Generation written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2002. Songs.

Check out the floating, astral sound of these songs and electronic ballads. Follow the Wandering Poet from the sea through the desert and jungle into the melancholic urban reality of modern sectarian conflict. Minimalist guitar & soundscape by LR. Authentic vocal & mystical lyricism.

*mp3 files available for download:

1. Wandering Poet [6.0]
2. James de Shane [7.40]
3. Hey Undertaker [4.0]
4. Guitar Canyon [5.21]
5. Consuela [8.0]
6. The Dustman's Daughter [9.45]
7. Across The Line [8.02]
8. Mystic Generation [8.02]

Mystic Generation©Lawrence Russell 2002

Mystic Generation by LR

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