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Jan 2005

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John Celona, Lawrence Russell, Paul Green

Reaching for Paradise. Written by John Celona. John Celona: keys & compu patches || Salvador Ferreras: percussion|| Olive Russell: vocal|| Greg Corness: compu voc treatments || Concept & post-production by JC. || Techno jazz poetry.

Reaching for Paradise

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Reaching for Paradise. A dangerous wave breaks on a beautiful stretch of sand like a collapsing clock tower, engulfs your dozing, helpless body. Exhilaration & paranoia, desire & disillusionment. If Stockhausen and Kerouac blew the Berlin Wall, here it is... the seismic rumble of Sal Ferreras' percussion, JC's disso jazz piano & synth patches... and the blue-cool Beat rap of Olive Russell. Once upon a time/ in the late 20th/ they were going to change the world/ create systems complex in construction....



Reaching For Paradise©John Celona 2004

2 from Etheria, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell, 2004. Techno drama.

1. Message From Turner. Strange things happen when you're in London walking along the Thames embankment... hey, you just might run into the ghost of J.M.W. Turner, the great English visionary landscape painter. Get spaced in the Tate Gallery as the fog horns blow a little electro dance shuffle. Bass, synth, vocal & recording by LR.


Message from Turner©Lawrence Russell 2004

2. Etheria. Were you born with your first dream installed? Is it a serial to which you will always return? Visit the wire spirits of the moonlit dunes in this soundscape sonata. Voice & soundscape by LR. Prepare to be hypnotized.

ETHERIA mp3 [7:50]

Etheria©Lawrence Russell 2004


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Bro. Paul: Brain Gun

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Culture Court mp3 preview: Brain Gun, by Paul Green, 2004. PG: vocals & words || Lawrence Russell: bass & electric guitars, synth, percussion || Bro. Paul: sax || recording: LR || techno-jazz poetry

Before there was rap, there was jazz poetry. From his cloister in west England, Brother Paul emerges jazzed & weaponized.

Brain Gun. Straight from the lab or the pop-art gallery this sonic autopsy lays down a little Left Bank jump daddy boogie. Bro. Paul reflects on the evolution of the brain within the eternal continuum. Eat metaphors, blend with light: Apply paranoia to Nature/ the Phantom attacks with Brain Gun....

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