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April 2003

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Ottmar Liebert, Eric Schermerhorn, Luna Negra, Euphoria, John Celona, Blue City, Paul Green, DNA, Lawrence Russell

Culture Court mp3 preview: nouveaumatic, written & performed by Ottmar Liebert & Euphoria, 2002/3. Recorded by O. Liebert at Spiral Subwave, Sante Fe, New Mexico. Musicians: Ottmar Liebert [guitars, synth]. Jon Gagan [bass], Dave Bryant [percussion]. Electro-dance, with flamenco guitar.

From Planet Flamenco, Ottmar Liebert once again sets the standard for instrumental electronic dream pop. Dig the funky bass in Canton Becker's remix of the Brazilian bossa make-over, Sao Paulo 2... or the fabulous astral tape loop in the coda of OL's remix of In the Arms of Love.

*two mp3 files available for download, 128 kb/s (broadband users)

1. Sao Paulo 2 [7:41]

2. In the Arms of Love [8:19]

Nouveaumatic©Ottmar Liebert & Spiral Subwave Records International 2002/3

nouveaumatic mp3 preview

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Ojo's Lava Quick Time vid

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Culture Court exclusive preview: LAVA, written & performed by Ottmar Liebert & Eric Schermerhorn, 1995. Recorded at Spiral Subwave, Sante Fe, New Mx, 1995. Unreleased... be among the first to hear some of this superb collaboration.

Flamenco & electric guitars & synth: OL
Electric & Dobro: ES
Bass & synth: Jon Gagan
Percussion: Mark Clark
Roland Drum Pads: Carl Coletti
Instrumental, flamenco rock fusion.

Sante Fe, New Mx. 1995. Eric Schermerhorn flies into town, packin' heat, fresh from gigs with Iggy Pop and Bowie. His assignment? To lay some smooth electric lines on the post-modern flamenco instrumentals then in production by Ottmar Liebert... Opium.

But... there was another album, never released, a mystery album of rock and flamenco fusion? read more »»

*2 mp3 files available for download, 160 kb/s (broadband users)

1. LAVA track 6 [3:42]

2. LAVA track 12 [6.19]

LAVA©1995/2003 Spiral Subwave Records International

Culture Court preview: Farben Nocturne, written & performed by John Celona & Blue City, 2001. JC, digi piano. Rich Lang, drums. Don McDougall, trombone/guitar. Bruce Horn, trumpet/flugelhorn. John Wright, bass. Wendell Clanton, tenor/alto sax. Rec live in concert at Open Space, Victoria, B.C. Avant jazz.

With a nod to Schoenberg (Five Orchestral Pieces) and the moody sax of Earl Bostic (Harlem Nocturne), John Celona takes us on a Bauhaus moonlight stroll. Like all somnabulists, we are made of dream and shadow. Dig the tick tock meter... and listen to the breathing of the night.

*1 mp3 file available for download, 160 kb/s (broadband users)

Farben Nocturne [6:36]

Farben Nocturne©John Celona 2001

John Celona: City Lights

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