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Sept 2004

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John Celona, Paul Green

Culture Court mp3 preview: 2 from Brain Gun, by Paul Green, 2004. PG: vocals & words || Lawrence Russell: bass & electric guitars, synth, percussion || Bro. Paul: sax || recording: LR || techno-jazz poetry

Before there was rap, there was jazz poetry. From his cloister in west England, Brother Paul emerges jazzed & weaponized.

Audience. You just might be the host for the interior voice of this anonymous narrator, "the only audience" he requires. The coded paen of a circling lover? Dig the loping telepathic overture. Crazy as August Strindberg, groovy as St. Germain. Submerged September sax by the Brother himself.

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Bro. Paul

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The Conclusion. Flame-throwers & mysterious domes. This urgent atmospheric rap just might be the log-book of some starship trooper... or a British army Captain describing a search and destroy mission through a meta-newsworld where no cameras are possible. "Our main objective must still be locating the Chambers...." Soundscape by LR.

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Culture Court retrospective: Emerald Soft. Written by John Celona, 1987. Performed by John Celona [computer soundtracks] and Salvador Ferreras [percussion, voice]. Recorded at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver. B.C. Engineered by Rob Porter. Latin percussion/electro-bop.

John CelonaMidnight Johnny

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Emerald Soft. "I composed this piece specifically for my percussionist Salvador Ferreras," says John Celona. Preview is of the last stanza, a sample that JC calls the copa.

Bit of a be-bop-a-do-wop vibe here. Imagine you're dozing on a speeding night train... you're a film noir hustler in the forties, where elegance & comfort are just a matter of refined violence... the hammering of the carriage on the rails... and the ghost scat of the Andrews Sisters blending with the locomotive's moan. Sparks & shrapnel warping the darkness. Roll with it, Midnight....

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Emerald Soft©John Celona 1987/2004

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