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Sept 2003

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Ottmar Liebert, Paul Green, The Quantum Brothers, Rick Ojo McGrath, DNA, Lawrence Russell

Waves QT vid

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WAVES. Cine & digi mix by Rick Ojo McGrath, 2003. Audio soundscape by LR. Quick Time video.

Who says the small screen can't deliver? Filmed on St. Maartens in the Caribbean, this primal wall of water is both intimidating and seductive. Motion and stasis, zero-crossings and the raw hallucinatory sketch. Surrender to the synaesthesia of the deep.

WAVES [4 mins]

Waves©Rick McGrath 2003

Culture Court mp3 preview: t-one, produced by Ottmar Liebert, 1996. Performed [field sounds, guitars, synth, pads] by OL, Jon Gagan, and Stefan Liebert. Recorded at Spiral Subwave, Sante Fe, New Mexico. Ambient/ electronic.

t-one... what does it mean? A code for some Pythagorean touch-tone? Or a simple designation for a series of trance recordings... listen, allow the enigma to draw you in... falling water, people in a railway station, traffic on a wet road, the murmuring of an eastern guru... guitar and synth loops... an unanswered phone... a motor scooter... the subtle electronic swells underpin the random noise of contemporary urban life.

t-one. From the secret vaults of Spiral Subwave emerges an ambient gem from the master of progressive flamenco and fusion guitar.


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t-1 preview:

t-1 mp3 [3:13]

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t-one©Ottmar Liebert & Spiral Subwave Records International 1996/2003

Culture Court preview: The Shout, written & performed by Paul A. Green. Video design & mix by Jez Welsh. Extract from The Quantum Brothers The Slow Learning, 1989/91. Mixed media.

Working within the pure montage tradition of audio-visual metaphor, Bro Paul and Jez Welsh examine language, frustration and the mechanization of the soul. As raw as a Delta Blues in a sharecropper's shack, yet as sinister as Flash Gordon playing Faustus on the Mongo fault-line abyss. Expanded cinema in the heat death of the universe.

...the kids are all younger/ Stalinized into collectivized dream farming/ drifting from Thrash/ to Trash

The Quantum Bros

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one .mov file:

THE SHOUT [6:36]

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The Shout©Paul A. Green/Jeremy Welsh 1989/2003

Rotation by Lawrence Russell

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Rotation, written & recorded by Lawrence Russell [with special thanks to Diana], 2003. Audio drama.

By an undisclosed method, a man arrives at a "new latitude" in search of a missing child. His exact agenda remains contradictory due to sporadic amnesia and the influence of his guide, the sinister voodoo drummer Mocino. High ambiguity and astral moments in the equatorial jungle.

The latest auteur recording by LR features a classic non-linear DNA narrative driven by an exciting drum-pattern soundscape. Trance-fusion for the body and the soul.

*2 mp3 files available for download

Rotation: 1 [9:16], 2 [10:50]

Rotation©Lawrence Russell 2003

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