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The Paul Green Audio Files check out the avant audio work of PG from his early DNA Stereo Magazine days to more recent electro drama. Mp3 files.

Space Is The Place DVD reissue of the legendary jazzer Sun Ra's movie [Mar 05]
Dreaming To Some Purpose Colin Wilson's autobiography [Aug 04]
Young Adam review of the film of Alexander Trocchi's seminal 1958 counter-culture novel [May 04]
Cranial Firestorms a personal retrospective of the early English art rocker Vincent Crane & his band Atomic Rooster [Nov 02]
Light review of MJ Harrison's SF novel [Feb '03]
Cranial Firestorms memoir of Vincent Crane and reviews of his albums with Atomic Rooster [Dec '02]
King Tubby: Essential Dub view of the legendary Jamaican mix-master who influenced trance, hip hop, reggae [April '02]
The Stone Tape retrospective of Nigel "Quatermass" Kneale's landmark TV horror drama
Landor's Tower review of the latest novel by Iain Sinclair (also see "Asylum" listed below)
Do What Thou Wilt review by "trial": Lawrence Sutin's new book on Aleister Crowley is the basis of PG's examination of the infamous Satanist, poet, mountaineer, heroin addict, womanizer and counter-culture icon
Asylum report on the avant garde U.K. television film by Iain Sinclair & Chris Petit
Last Words Bcourt feature on final journals of William S. Burroughs
Sex & Rockets Bcourt review of John Carter's book about Jack Pasons, rocketeer and black magic devotee
Radio Drama: Theory & Practice Mcourt review of Tim Crook's book on the art of radio drama
Crash feature review of Iain Sinclair's book on the Cronenberg-Ballard movie

PG's website e-mail PG

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