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January '06: John Celona, Lawrence Russell, Bro. Paul

Blue Thangy You|||| Epilogue to a rumba. John Celona taps a little Guadalajara mescal vinyl with his new techno piece Blue Thangy You. Snap, slide & slither to that authentic chica de aquella vibe. Modo Latina, baby.

Text: JC | Music: JC with Tyler Nitsch | voices by Alejandra Macedo and Morena Guerrero
© John Celona 2005

BLUE THANGY YOU mp3 [3:24]

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Leni|||| "I'm sitting here in Rio / I'm really very drunk / I'm waiting for the Zeppelin / And Leni... I hope you sent the trunk" Lawrence Russell or maybe a deserter from the Wehrmacht goes sambossa over the controversial German actress & film maker Leni Riefenstahl [1902-2003]. Lyric, vocal, guitar & everything else © Lawrence Russell 2005.

LENI mp3 [5:55]

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Mister Blues (Astral Fm)Mister Blues, by Brother Paul, 2005. Paul Green: vocal & words | PG: soundscape | techno

Selection from Paul Green's (aka Bro. Paul) techno drama Astral FM.

"Midnight here on Astral FM where the clocks just keep on melting. At 99.6 analogue and beaming in binary across the digital multiplex. Across the contracting cosmos, all over the expanding universe. The format of the formless. Night FM."

Mister Blues mp3 [4:42]

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Astral FM/Mister Blues ©Paul A. Green 2005


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