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April 2005

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Ottmar Liebert, Paul Green, John Celona, Lawrence Russell

Ottmar Liebert live
In 1995 Ottmar Liebert toured & played with Carlos Santana. From this heady experience, Ottmar composed the samba Ballad 4 Santana [3:34]... the mp3 version here is from OL & Luna Negra's concert in San Antonio, Texas, last fall. Some old timers might recognize that beautiful closing lick -- it comes from Gabor Szabo, the Hungarian gypsy jazz guitarist who swapped licks with George Benson... who in turn passed it along to Carlos... who passed it to OL.

In fact, OL & Luna Negra have just released several hot live tracks from their 2004 US tour. Here's a mp3 taste of Duende del Amor [3:40], recorded by "Mo" off the board at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware, September 22. Great nuevo flamenco guitar with the natural ambient reverb so integral to the feeling of trad flamenco.

If you want to hear the full 12 mins of Duende and/or the stunning 15 min version of OL's famous Snakecharmer [recorded at the Lila Cockrell in Austin, Texas]... they can be downloaded from iTunes.

For more track downloads, visit the Luna Negra Listening Lounge at SSRI.

All music composed by Ottmar Liebert © 2004 | flamenco & electric guitars: OL | fretless bass : Jon Gagan | percussion: Ron Wagner | congas & cajon: Robby Rothschild | progressive flamenco

BP Blues, by Paul A. Green, 2004. Paul Green: vocal & sax | Paul Adobe: guitar & keys | recording by PG at the RNC studio, Hereford U.K. 2004 | LR: bass & remix | jazz poetry

BP Blues. "Beware, the iron bollock descending," my friends, as you listen to the heavy iron-clad rap of Brother Paul and his raw lung sax in the monastery of industrial lament. Fresh from a 90 min netcast on London's Resonance FM, CC's resident blues evangelist tells it as it is "under the brown sun".

BP Blues mp3 [5:00]

BP Blues©Paul A. Green 2005

BP Blues

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John Celona: Who Is Monique

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Who Is Monique, by John Celona, 2004. John Celona: keys, synth, recording | Monique: vocal | electronic pattern

Like the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you practice spinning figures on your terrace above the gleaming water? Check out the chattering metrics of this Rileyesque hypno groove. Sunbeams, photon bursts, triumphal processions stream as light & blended glissandos. West coast cosmic concerto deconstructo at its best.

Who Is Monique mp3 [5:00] »»


Who Is Monique©John Celona 2005

Remedios, by Lawrence Russell, 2005. LR: vocal, music, recording | melo techo poeto

Remedios. "The golden angel is floating in the smog/ above the avenue they call Reforma". An anonymous voyeur searches the galleries and streets for a refugee artist. Based loosely on Remedios Varo [1908-1963], the Spanish surrealist who went to Mexico City to escape WW II. Flamenco noir soundscape by LR. Tango, amigos. l

REMEDIOS mp3 [5:00]

Remedios©Lawrence Russell 2005

LR: Remedios

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