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April 06 Features: John Celona, Paul Wainwright, Lawrence Russell

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John Celona: Paris a Roma mp3

paris a roma, il treno amore
paris a roma
il treno amore (paris a roma)
il treno della luna amore (John Celona)

Paris a Roma © 2006 John Celona

Paris a Roma, John Celona | text, composition, mix: JC | piano: Aldo Orvieto | voice: Monica Meneghetti | orchestral techno

Midnite Johnny's mixing in a snow chalet in Banff... or beside the pool of his posada on Gringo Gulch in Puerto Vallarta... or in rocker Bryan Adams' studio in Vancouver... or on the Paris-Rome Express.

Techno montage romanticism. Bi-tonal, bi-modal, two women, one to your left, one to your right. Murmurings, a modulated code of separate realities. French-Italian. The piano flows in B minor... the kiss is a G minor triad.

|| PARIS a ROMA mp3 [7:07]

John Celona: "I always favor the bi-tonal/bi-modal (sometimes tri-modal) pitch and harmonic series. The anarchic 12-tone equality of serial composition gives up its gravity... I can't find the resonance if everything is the same, weighted equally."

John Celona by Alexis C

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Tarantella © 2006 John Celona

Tarantella, by John Celona | text, composition, mixing: JC | voice & piano: Luciane Cardassi | orchestral techno

Euro-speak: the conspiratorial whispering of women behind the curtain... interior fragments, as if trapped at the opera. "My face has changed." Demons in the pit... the orchestra tunes, scales. A molecular drone gives way to a Debussy lyricism.

Says JC, "Tarantella is an elision with three layers... earlier compositions."

|| TARANTELLA mp3 [4:10]

Night Scene, Paul Wainwright & Sax Safari | writ. & arrang. Paul Wainwright, Steve Duben, John Ferraro | sax, music, recording: PW | bass: Steve Duben | guitar: Tom Lang | keys: Morry Stearns | drums: John Ferraro | jazz groove

You're in a chopper, flying over downtown Victoria B.C. at night... maybe you're checkin' for trouble, or just wired, doin' a little Becker Brothers "Headhunting". What are you listening to? Shoot n chase muscle funk courtesy of Paul Wainwright & Sax Safari. Says Paul: "The four note chord gives texture... it's a tight harmony for the sax."

From Paul Wainwright's latest CD:

|| NIGHT SCENE mp3 [4:56]

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Paul Wainwright: Night Scene

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Night Scene © 2006 Paul Wainwright | Steve Duben | John Ferraro

Isaura, Lawrence Russell | text, voice, music, recording: LR | techno muso narrative

The sepia tones of old Brazil. Isaura, the beautiful white slave, an educated pet in the household of the plantation owner... and lusted after by his deviant son. And you... do you have a problem too?

"Go easy on me, baby... wheel me nice & slow... I know you're just my nurse but there's something you should know."

|| ISAURA mp3 [6:10]

Taking his inspiration from A Escrava Isaura, the popular Brazilian telenovela of the eighties, LR lays down some flam funk guitar & drop stone bass.

Lawrence Russell: Isaura.mp3

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Isaura © 2006 Lawrence Russell

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