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September 2005

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Ottmar Liebert, Paul Wainwright, Jon Gagan, Brother Paul

Sao Paulo, by Ottmar Liebert. Luna Negra live performance, Austin, Texas, 2003. OL: flamenco & electric guitars | bass : Jon Gagan | percussion: Ron Wagner | congas & cajon: Robby Rothschild | progressive flamenco/ bossa funk

Sao Paulo mp3||| Brazil. Ever wonder what it'd be like to be down there drinking Marca Bavaria in some roofless club... hustler trying to sell you Amazon diamonds, spoo poems on voodoo strings... bone necklaces & bossa hip swaying chicks... tropicalismo music, mondo Latin & Afro primal. Ottmar Liebert has played Sao Paulo, that chattering megalopolis on the river, and if you want to know what sort of impression it left on him, check out this 5 + slice from his excellent instrumental Sao Paulo. Sweet & slightly dangerous, mist in the rainforest. Raw bossa funk from a recent live performance.

Sao Paulo live mp3 [5:48]

SSRI Listening LoungeIf you want to hear the full 11:18 minute stretch of Sao Paulo "live", visit the Luna Negra Listening Lounge at SSRI... read more »»

Sao Paulo live © Ottmar Liebert 2003/05

Chelsea Bridge, Jon Gagan. Writ. B. Strayhorn. JG: fretless bass, synth, recording, arrangement | jazz

"I recorded this Billy Strayhorn number during a blizzard in Sante Fe last spring," says Jon Gagan. You can certainly sense the magic and measured movement as JG floats right on up there with his fretless Lakland bass. The lyricism is as pure as high desert light... and JG paints you right into the picture. Dig that seismic contra line towards the end. Astralize yourself!

Chelsea Bridge mp3 [2:10] »»

Jon Gagan tracks at SSRI »»

Jon Gagan bass as lead:

© 2005 Jon Gagan

Jon Gagan: Chelsea Bridge

more Cc Jon Gagan »

Paul Wainwright: The Saxman

Paul »

Plank Spankin, Paul Wainwright |writ. PW & Steve Duben | PW: soprano sax, keys, programming, recording | SD: bass | groove jazz

Scene I. Victoria. Street. Early summer evening, red sky, contrails. Step out of Hugo's pub, see the Saxman [Paul Wainwright] sitting in the back of a blue Mazda sport wagon, windows open, listening to a demo. Up-tempo funk, Zawinul Weather Report fusion feel. Couple of passing women roll their hips, smile, laugh. PW's soprano sax is riding the jet stream, taking them away... or maybe it's the Steve Duben slap-boogie bass. Hmm... should I head home, or should I hang? Lean towards the open window, say, Manny... step outta the car... turn around, put your hands on the roof.... Saxman laughs, gets out... we shake, do the Masonic hippy lock. He's lean, he's loose, he's wearing a green gangster jacket, fedora. Long time, he says, so how you been doing? Doing o.k., I say. What's the tune? A thing we just recorded, he says. First mix. What've you been up to? Beers? Ginsengers, I say. A Hugo's house special. Nice micro, he says. Yeah, I say. So, tune got a name? Plank Spankin, he says. Nice, I say. Sidney Bechet slam funk-a-delic...

CUT TO: Scene II. Old Town, 2, 3 hours later. || read more »»

Plank Spankin mp3 [4:56]

Paul Wainwright at the Victoria Jazz Festival »»

Plank Spankin © Paul Wainwright & Steve Duben 2005

Half Light, by Paul A. Green, 2004. Paul Green: vocal & words | Lawrence Russell: guitar, bass, Roland pads, recording [Cc studio, Willis Point, Vancouver Island, 2004] | jazz poetry

It's the middle of the night and you're looking out the window at the snow in the dead light of the overcast. The silence is occasionally punctuated by mysterious, muffled sounds. Perhaps you're holding a bottle of whiskey... perhaps a pistol. Are you merely observing, or are you waiting? The melancholy beauty is hypnotic, a mind-lock. Somewhere out there is another Venusian dawn... and salvation. On your knees, people. More from Brain Gun & the sci fi groove of Brother Paul.

Half-Light mp3 [3:58]

Half-Light ©Paul A. Green 2004

Brother Paul: Half-Light

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