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April 07 Features: John Celona | Lawrence Russell

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John Celona + LR:

BUK mp3 [6:28]

John Celona: text & keyboard
Lawrence Russell: vocal & electric bass
LR: recording & mix

Ferried by a hypno keyboard, LR's vocal goes down the river with John Celona's electro jazz sonogram BUK... a groove homage to the great American writer Charles Bukowski (1922-1994).

"Only the winners write the history books, pal"

Midnite Johnnytop 3 JC mp3 tracks:

Tarantella mp3
Primitive Cool mp3
Paris-a-Roma mp3

Who is Midnite Johnny?

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Buk (Bukowski) © John Celona 2005

Bonus LR track: MADAME mp3 [6:58]

"I wanna live in a novel...."

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Remedios mp3
Hey Undertaker mp3
Forbidden Overture mp3

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Madame © Lawrence Russell 2007

Charles Bukowski

Bukowski. Born in Germany but lived nearly all his life in Los Angeles. Writes with blunt dramatic clarity. Existential, follows the personalism of Henry Miller and the Beat writers, although a literary loner.

Los Angeles is the only city with any ambient reality in his works. Bukowski underwrites with a deliberate primitivism, so there are no lingering descriptions, no interactions with environments or objects, no mystical transformations despite the repeated masochism.

"When they beat you long enough and hard enough you have the tendency to say what you really mean."

He died in 1994 in San Pedro, California, when he was 73 and still writing... the friend of movie stars & bums. Funeral rites were conducted by Buddhist monks. Gravestone reads: "Don't Try".

Recommended quickie Buk:

Women (1978)
You Kissed Lilly (1978)
There's No Business (illustrated by Robert Crumb) (1984)
Barfly (film) (1987)

BUK mp3 [6:28]

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