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July 06 Features: Jon Gagan, Ottmar Liebert, et. al.

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Transit II, Jon Gagan | bass, composition, arrangement, mix: JG | other players | jazz tropicale/groove

Culture Court preview: 2 tracks from Santa Fe jazz bassist Jon Gagan's forthcoming (September) CD Transit II. Read LR's review »»»»

Travelogue: a brain scan of a jazzer on the move, maybe jammin' at the U.N.: various spectral flavors from the traditions of Brazil, India, Spain, and U.S strobe in the montage. The groove is funky bossa

|| TRAVELOGUE mp3 [4:07]

Cabin Fever: run out of weed, but still wanna impress your guests? Download this baby while you have the chance. This is a prison break, straight through the wall. Jon Gagan's punk-funk fretless bass guitar is superb, has that punchy rhythm/lead that cuts like rock, bleeds like jazz.

|| CABIN FEVER mp3 [3:44]

Jon Gagan

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Travelogue © 2006 Jon Gagan

Cabin Fever © 2006 Jon Gagan

Ottmar Liebert by Ritch Fuhrer

320 X 240:
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night travelling raindrops © Ottmar Liebert 2006

Thunder, and the wind plays with the leaf © Ottmar Liebert 2006

One Guitar, by Ottmar Liebert | guitar, composition, mixing: OL | solo flamenco

Culture Court preview: 2 tracks from One Guitar by Santa Fe nuevo flamenco guitarist Ottmar Liebert. Read LR's review »»

Some superb duende guitar here, people. No tricks... just the stick, the box, the natural ambience of a guitar in a chamber of unknown dimensions, measured by light.

|| Night travelling raindrops mp3 [2:58]

"There's something pure about the solo instrument, its isolation in space, its evocation of the invisible world. Love and hate, and somewhere within all this, the spiritual declamation. Not that this vibraphonic signalling is unique to the guitar... it is a musician's thing, for how many times have you seen a masked brute sit down at the piano and stun you with his unexpected sensitivity?" read more »» »

|| Thunder, and the wind plays with a leaf mp3 [1:43]

Spiral SubWave International

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