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October 06 Features: Lawrence Russell, Brother Paul, John Celona et. al.

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Brother Paul

320 X 240:
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Brother 13 © Paul A. Green 2006

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Brother 13 mp3 [6:54]

Inspired by his recent visit to the west coast & the archipelago of small islands that cluster the southern shores of Vancouver Island, the U.K.'s Bro. Paul checked in with LR, laid down some smooth talkin' sci fi V.I. blues. "I come in peace," says the mysterious Brother 13 as he investigates the psychic fault-lines of a community in the rain forest & "the buried souls in the trailer park." Rock me steady groove somewhere between Klatu & Aleister Crowley. Words & vocal: Brother Paul | guitars & synth: Lawrence Russell | recording & mix: LR | jazz poetry

*Bonus Brother Paul: the Oxidized Desert from Brain Gun (2004). Cyborg transmutation on the starlit battlefield of the apocalypse. Cyber synth by LR. Mutate or die!

the Oxidized Desert mp3 [5:00]

Avenue mp3 [7:00]

Handsome Stranger mp3 [7:50]

Avenue [a.ka. Room With A View Of the Standing Stones] by Lawrence Russell. A man or a boy is left in a room by a mysterious woman who says she will return. Does she? Gothic romanticism, megaliths & a Rileyesque music score. | words, vocal: LR | other voice: Diana | synth, bass & recording: LR | muso text hypno

"I wrote a few stage plays in the early days, and radio drama," says LR. "So I've always worked with soundscapes that use dramatic narrative. Handsome Stranger [mp3] is electronic hypno with an interior voice & a field recording of the ocean. Subject is the drug trade & the trance music scene in Goa, the old Portuguese colony on the Malabar coast." You want trance? Romantic doom? Check it out, leave yr body on the beach. Words & vocal: Lawrence Russell | synth & recording: LR | electronic trance

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Lawrence Russell 1972

LR pic from Penetration: 5 plays, Sono Nis 1972

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Black Fly Blues | Handsome Stranger © 2006 Lawrence Russell

John Celona, San Diego 1975

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John Celona: the facts

Blue City Monique mp3 [3:47]

The recent posting of Tarantella (CC Audio 10) by John Celona has been such a hit, CC has gone into the mp3 vault for some bonus Midnite Johnny: Blue City Monique mp3. This is a techno remix from recordings of his jazz combo Blue City and other sources reaching back into the old compiler.

JC: "...hearing Trane outside the Jazz Workshop in North Beach, people coming out confused, not knowing what he was saying; eventually those places becoming topless joints [no longer confused] -- and the degradation and dumbing down of society continued and still has lots of steam as the nouveau artiste grabs his crotch and utters 'bitch ass, daddy'."

«« Check out Midnite Johnny in the electronic music lab at San Diego State back in the mid seventies... this was pre-polyphonic, when you couldn't just pass out face down on the keyboard & it would still sound cool.

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