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September 07 Features: Lawrence Russell | Ottmar Liebert | John Celona | Brother Paul | Jon Gagan | Paul Wainwright

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Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra

UnderWorld: put on your headphones & experience the spacial imaging of binaural recording (speakers just won't do it).

This recording by Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra is from their new binaural album The Fritz Files. The band goes deep -- like Journey to the Centre of the Earth deep. Recorded by Alan Behr, mastered by Jon Gagan.

"An entire generation has grown up using headphones listening to music on Walkmans and iPods... and now cellphones. Perhaps the time has come to revisit binaural...." Session credits, binaural explained, review of OL's new live binaural album: Up Close: The Fritz Files »»

UnderWorld © Ottmar Liebert 2007

*Congratulations to Ottmar for his 2007 Grammy nomination. He has made the final cut of 5 for his solo flamenco CD One Guitar, previously featured at CC Audio.

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UNDERWORLD binaural [3:35]
August 2007

Binaural: the Fritz Files

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Lawrence Russell

Three mp3 muso dramas: Manfred (Mon Chien Parle Anglais) uses location recordings by Ottmar Liebert and an atonal keyboard by LR. Voices: LR, Diana, Sophie & Chloe Hegland. Byronic gothic romanticism in a contemporary context. Deep spacial imaging.

Temple of the Beating Heart. Canadian poet gets stranded in India when her husband is murdered. Sacred city where the latest temple is an atomic reactor. Transcendental river synth. Voices: LR, Diana.

Code Six. Full wall of spectral sound, interior/exterior voices, montage narrative. An invitation to an execution? A rendition? The mysterious Dr. Glove & a hunter called Blood. Voices, synth, mix: LR.

Code Six | Temple of the Beating Heart | Manfred © Lawrence Russell 2007

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MANFRED [4:05]
2007 August

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CODE SIX [6.16]
2007 July

CODE SIX (thanks Elisabeth)
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