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"After listening to Stephen Duros' new SSRI release, I woke up the next morning thinking the album was called Manzilla, and the cover graphic was a body chick like Jennifer Lopez with a reptilian head and a saw-tooth smile. A dream, of course.

Miranda... who is she, you think? An icy moon that orbits Uranus? Or maybe a beautiful chick in a watchtower counting moonbeams. One thing for sure: this Miranda is a rumba, kicks ass all the way to the bullring and back to the bodega. It has a raunchiness to it, like a Sinaloan mariachi full-tilt at midnight...

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Stephen Duros pic by Ottmar Liebert

Stephen Duros

MIRANDA mp3 [3:55]

composition, guitar: Stephen Duros
congas, bongos: Jason Shapiro

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Spiral Beneath the Surface

Miranda © Stephen Duros 2008

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§ "Back then, the Midnite Jay in North Beach was the really hip club, the one place where the poets could jam with some cool players.

"Saw Kerouac there, centre stage by himself playing piano, throwing out some sweet lines... another time Ferlinghetti doing a thing with Getz... topless Carol Doda coming out of the sky, Frisco cool.

"I was playing tenor then, although let's be honest, I was just a boy on his way to expulsion and excommunication, adapting the look. I wanted to play with the poets, get out of the elevator, start mailing postcards. Jazz poetry -- it was the thing, the subversive thing, the Midnite Jay thing.

"I got my chance one night, and took it. Afterwards the poets were buying me beers, laying their scripture on me. That's how I got my handle, Midnite Johnny... steam shooting up from a manhole on a wet, windy night."

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Alexis Celona: Midnite Johnny & the Beats

LR + Midnite Johnny

GO SUBLIMINAL mp3 [3:40]

blue city remix: John Celona
voice, words, synth: Lawrence Russell

top JC + LR mp3 track:

Buk (Bukowski) [6:28]

Go Subliminal [Blue City ReMix] © John Celona + Lawrence Russell 2008

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