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February 08 Features: Lawrence Russell | John Celona | Brother Paul | Ottmar Liebert | Jon Gagan | Stephen Duros | Paul Wainwright | Man Muso

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John Celona

Bugatti Drive mp3 [1:09]: The latest track from Midnite Johnny. What's happening here? You fall through a trap door, end up speeding through the night in a vintage Italian coupe. An audio sonar graph in black. Thank you, Hangman.

Voice: Duncan Regehr | composition, keyboard, mix: John Celona

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Bugatti Drive © John Celona 2008

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Bugatti Drive

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Brother Paul

Planet In The Crypt mp3 [8:06]: What is this mysterious invader of the crypt? A hiveship for the inhabitants of Q4 Xi Volans, known as a Volan Hive? Who knows... join the Brother deep inside a labyrinthine crypt of unknown dimensions for an encounter with the mysterious planet. Classic SF pop art reconstructo narrative from Paul Green a.k.a Brother Paul.

Story & voice: Paul Green | soundscape & mix: Lawrence Russell

Planet In The Crypt © Paul A. Green 2008

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Planet In The Crypt

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Lawrence Russell

I SAY GA GA mp3 [7:07] Who be the King Poet in your 'hood, man? Shred those pretty lines, hit the street, start speaking in tongues. Techno funk meets west coast electronic. You can actually dance to this, people. Poet say Ga Ga!

I Say Ga Ga written & recorded by Lawrence Russell

I Say Ga Ga © Lawrence Russell 2008

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I Say Ga Ga
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