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THANATRON |||| downwind |||| JAMMIN' with BRANDO

Thanatron by Brother Paul

Brother Paul

THANATRON mp3 [7:53]

script & vocal: Paul A. Green
synth & mix: Lawrence Russell

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Thanatron © Brother Paul/Paul A. Green 2008


"We are watching you," says the mysterious voice, "through the Thanatron." A machine to observe the dead?

The crackle of loose tubes and microfarad ceramic capacitors, ionospheric hiss and white noise... welcome to the world of electronic voice pareidolia (EVP). Brother Paul's psychic monologue is a poetic homage to past pioneers of EVP such as Konstantin Raudive and George Meek.

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§ "When I first ran into Krishna Bhatt," says John Celona, "he was playing sitar in a country & western band around San Francisco and the Bay area. He'd come over from India, just dropped into the scene. This was in the late seventies, and he used to come up to Victoria, play private gigs for wealthy professionals who were into Indian classical music.

"I was thinking Terry Riley electro raga when we did this piece. The SynKlavier Distra had just come out, so it was quite inspirational to get down and do something with it."

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Buk (Bukowski) [6:28]

Downwind [LR mix] © John Celona + Krishna Bhatt 1980- 2008

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Downwind: Khrisna Bhatt & John Celona

Krishna Bhatt & John Celona

DOWNWIND mp3 [7:00]

sitar & tablas: Krishna Bhatt
& synklavier: John Celona

remix 2008: Lawrence Russell

Jammin' w Brando

Lawrence Russell

Jammin with Brando mp3 [7:55]

written & recorded by Lawrence Russell

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Jammin with Brando © Lawrence Russell 2009


"In those days I was what you'd call a cat burglar," says the anonymous writer who gets into some private jamming with an actor who'd rather be a bongo player.

Marlon Brando -- often cited as the greatest movie actor of his generation -- was a life-long devotee of drumming and always had a set of bongos to exorcise insomnia... and rage. Mind-body dualism, intellectual vs. animal... he was a 20th Century hipster wired to a personal groove, a defining figure of American cool.

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